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Authentication France 1.0

Benefit from the Orange authentication services to manage the sign-in and consent of your users.

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Connect with Orange customers and open your application to millions of users

Delight your users by bidding passwords farewell

With Orange Authentication France API, you can benefit from new innovative ways to authenticate your users. Automatically recognized through the Orange mobile Network, they won’t have to remember another password, while benefiting from the utmost security. The soon to come SIM-based Mobile Connect authentication method will improve further the easiness and security of the whole process. Please contact us directly for additional information.

Millions of people in France, and an even larger audience all across Europe

Millions of mobile and internet customers are already using their Orange identity to access Orange services. By federating your users’ digital identity with Orange’s thanks to our API, you will gain access to a wide audience across Europe.

Open standards that simplify your integration work

This API is based on OpenID Connect, which combines end-user authentication with OAuth2 authorisation. It allows you to verify the identity of your user, perform ID federation, and collect the end-user consent required to access his/her personal data. This API is compliant with the OpenID Connect core specification. Once you have integrated Orange Authentication France API, you will be able to access other APIs (e.g. Cloud, Form Filling, Check ID…). Orange Authentication France API is available for all Orange customers in France, with more countries down the line. OpenID Connect is compatible with most of the standard frameworks. You will find a list of the existing libraries, products and tools implementing its current specifications here.

As an added bonus, it’s free to use!

Orange Authentication France API is free to use. Integrate it today and start benefiting from the large installed base of Orange customers. If you don’t have an Orange end-user account or need account management help, please refer to the following guides :

Why use Orange Authentication France API ?


Large installed base of Orange customers and strong Orange brand recognition that will re-assure your users.


Secured authentication for your users, without having to maintain a proprietary system.


Implicit authentication of Orange mobile clients on 3G/4G and Orange internet clients behind their access routers (boxes).

Easy to integrate

Easy integration into your website or application thanks to the Orange button, and a responsive design of authentication UI for any form-factor display : computer, tablet and mobile.