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Discover at a glance the set of standardized CAMARA APIs provided by Orange and benefit from a seamless access to 4G/5G network capabilities

What are CAMARA APIs by Orange?

CAMARA is an open-source project which is part of Linux Foundation. It aims at defining service APIs by combining network APIs, over an operator domain. CAMARA works in close collaboration with the GSMA Operator Platform Group to align API requirements and definitions, and to publish APIs.

Orange supports the CAMARA initiative and provides these APIs on Orange Network & IT assets.

Thanks to this initiative, developers can benefit from a set of standardized APIs easy to consume with no telco expertise needed. These APIs fulfill data privacy and regulatory requirements and facilitate application to network integration.

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CAMARA APIs allow to tackle several types of business use cases leveraging 4G/5G network capabilities

Request boosted mobile performance for gaming, holographic or Virtual Reality sessions

With the Quality on demand API, you may offer to mobile users an improved connection (bandwidth, latency) in order to get a top-notch experience for gaming, holographic, virtual reality sessions. And this without the necessity to have in-depth knowledge of the 4G/5G networks or the overall complexity of the Telecom Systems.

Secure your application against fraud

With One-Time Password API, you may provide an effective and legitimate secure method via a proof of possession of the phone number, so that end-users can have a one-time access to an application or perform a single transaction.

With the SIM Swap API, you may check if the mobile user is a fraudster as "SIM swap scam". Example : as a SIM Swap occurred for line +33688779966 during the last 3 days? The answer is a yes/no answer.

With Number Verification API, you may verify the user’s device as a complementary service when a user is being authenticated for security purposes. For instance, the number itself is verified by returning the phone number associated with the authenticated user's access token.

Trigger payment for in-app purchase

With the CAMARA Carrier Billing API, you may charge an amount on the mobile line so that end-users can buy digital content in an easily and securely.

Example: charge 3.99€ on the bill for mobile device associated with msisdn +33688779966.

Interact with networks to get device connectivity and location information

With the Device status API, you may identify users, whose device is in roaming situation, and, in this case get application capabilities accordingly.

With the Device location API, you may check if a mobile device is within a geographical area, for app-triggered sensitive transactions for instance. Example : Is the mobile device associated with msisdn +33688779966 in a 10 km radius of latitude 45.76944 and longitude 4.925833 ? The answer is a yes/no answer.

Interact with cloud edge infrastructure (edge cloud resource exposure & experience, etc...)

With CAMARA Multi-Access Edge Compute API, you may interact with edge providers to optimize your usage of available services and resources. For instance, you may retrieve the optimal service Endpoints to a Specified Service Profile (or application) for a given mobile device.

Example : Which cloud server, the application XYZ could use, for mobile device associated with msisdn +33688779966?

This API is under development, coming soon..

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Available CAMARA APIs in our lab

Device status

Queries the connectivity status of user equipment Discover

Device location

Verifies if the location of a user device is within the area specified by the provided coordinates (latitude and longitude)


Quality on demand

Provides an interface to request stable latency or throughput managed by Telco networks


Already existing APIs (CAMARA version under development)

SIM Swap

Checks if a SIM Swap has been done on the mobile line over a specified lapse time


Number verification

Checks the mobile number (MSISDN) associated with the device


One Time Password

Sends short-lived One-Time Passwords to a phone number via SMS and validates it afterwards


Carrier Billing

Provides an interface to charge a digital content purchase or subscription to the mobile line invoice


Other CAMARA APIs (under development, coming soon)

Edge Cloud Management

Manage your artifact application and application instance in our Multi-Access Edge Cloud

Edge Exposure&Experience

Discover and optimize the usage of Multi-Access Edge Compute resources and services

Discover how CAMARA APIs will offer the possibility for developers and partners to create additional services and address them via the Orange customer base