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CAMARA - Number Verification - Spain 0.2

Verify your customer’s mobile number instantly and securely

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Spanish version

Number Verification API allows you to verify your customer’s mobile phone number

What it does?

The Number Verification API allows to check if the provided mobile phone number is the one actually used in the device. The service verifies that the user is using a device with the same mobile phone number as the one which is declared for this user. It also makes it possible for the application consuming this API to get the number itself by returning the phone number associated with the authenticated user's access token.
As the Number Verification API uses the Orange mobile network, it offers strong authentication with enhanced security with minimum user friction.

Number Verification is part of the CAMARA Project.

How it works?

The API is used by an application to get information about a mobile line phone number. It can be easily integrated and used through this secured API and allows Service Providers to get this information easily and securely. The API manages 2 resources answering 2 distinct questions:
Is the user input phone number the actual number associated with the mobile line?
What is the phone number associated with an access token?
The diagram there provides a high-level view of the API architecture.


Geographical availability

Number Verification is available in Spain.


There is a payment for each transaction.

Commercial status

API is available in production


Why You should choose this API ?


App onboarding (banking app, social media, ride share, mobile wallet, …)

SMS One Time Password is widely used to prove that the user is in possession of the mobile device associated with the mobile number used for registration. However it adds friction to the user journey. The application can instead request a seamless authentication of the mobile device via the API.

App login

In place of username/password, the application can request seamless authentication of the mobile device.


Application password reset

The user journey often relies on SMS One Time Password. As in the app onboarding use case, the application can instead request a seamless authentication of the mobile device via the API.

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