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Content Delivery Boost

Content Delivery Boost

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APIs for Orange Content Delivery Network (CDN) Solution

In a nutshell

Orange boasts one of the world's most extensive IP networks and strategically deploys Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Edge servers worldwide.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of various industry players, including Broadcasters, OTT providers, Retailers, the public sector and the Banking & Finance sector, as well as anyone with a strategic online presence.

Orange provide APIs related to its CDN Offer for a comfortable integration with Customer systems.

Those APIs are used for getting CDN Service usage metrics and its configuration.

Content Delivery Boost APIs

CDN Principle

CDN Service stands for Content Delivery Network

It is a smart platform built with servers strategically and highly distributed at the Edge of the Network, mainly for caching objects at the closest of end users and to accelerate dynamic contents.

CDN improves performance, reliability, scalability, security and avoid problems of latency, also loss packets and bottleneck.

Available APIs

- API for Metrics visualization :

     - Delivery Volume, Delivery Bandwidth, Ingest Volume, Ingest Throughput, Number of Users Requests, Offload Ratio, HTTP Codes Ratio, Request Time, Upstream Resp. Time, ...

- API for Configuration : 

     - Purging

For which target ?

Custom CDN solutions for Industry Verticals

   - Media OTT

   - Gaming

   - E-Commerce

   - Public Sector & Government

Support & supervision

This a production APIs with 24/7 supervision.

To get support on this API, you can contact our support team here :

APIs Integration

Production APIs Support


Why you will love this service?

Reliable Infrastructure

Orange CDB Offer is a smart combination of:

- Hyper Granular IP Network

- High Perfrmance Servers

- Flexible Software with advanced features

Enhanced User Experience

Speed up content delivery, minimize latency, and boost performance, availability, and reliability.

Cost Efficiency

Enjoy cost savings without compromising quality.

Ease of Operation

Save time and resources with our user-friendly operations and proactive support.

Get started now



Have a look at the full documentation in the Getting started and APIs reference tabs.

- The Getting started provides step by step guide to integrate the APIs in your application

- The APIs Reference describes the ressources in Swagger format

- The Terms specify the terms of use of the API



These APIs are proposed to Orange Wholesale Customers for Content Delivery Boost Offer.

In order to subscribe, you must be invited by Orange Wholesale entity.

Once this is done, you will receive a mail from Orange Developer
inviting you to connect on the portal.

Click on  Use this API

Fill in the requested information, and accept the terms and conditions.

You will be asked to sign in or to create a developer account.




You can use your app’s credentials to retrieve an access token.

Integrate the API in your service thanks to the API key and the access token.

Your service is now up and running!

Related Functionalities

Delivery Metrics

They are related to Delivery KPIs (from caches to final users) :

- Delivery Volume of content Delivered (in GB)

- Delivery Throughput : output bandwidth (Gbps) used to deliver content

- Volume Cache Hit

- Offload Ratio

- HTTP Error Codes ratio 

Origin Metrics

They are related to Ingest KPIs (from Origin to caches) :

- Ingest Volume : volume (GB) of content ingested

- Ingest Throughput : input bandwitdh (Gbps) used to ingest conte

- HTTP Error codes ratio : ratio(%) of HTTTP codes with details for each ode observed.


This is related to the Purge function.

It allows to delete content form CDN Servers and update them with new content.

API calls related to Purging are rate and size limited.

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