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EVPL On Line 1.0

Provide ethernet links on demand

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EVPL is an international point-to-point Ethernet Connectivity provided by Orange Wholesale International. It offers a secure, reliable and flexible solution to connect two sites around the world. Using network automation and digital management technologies, EVPL is available online or through API to bring real time purchase of connectivity and provide responsiveness, agility and flexibility.

What is an EVPL Service ?

EVPL is a virtual circuit tunneled through Orange MPLS network to create transparent point-to-point connection between two distant sites. Based on Orange international MPLS network and Orange French domestic Network, EVPL is a reliable and natively protected solution.

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Main features

  • Technology : Ethernet over MPLS
  • Bandwith : from 2Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Network interfaces of 1GE to 10GE
  • Configuration option on UNI : Port or VLAN based
  • 3 levels of offers : Essential, Dynamic & Intense to fit SLA requirements
  • An extensive footprint with POPs in Europe, US, Asia, Africa
  • 120+ DC around the world & full France coverage

Why integrate EVPL APIs ?

Orange PoPs as your own

Fully integrate Orange footprint in your value proposition with a seamless integration and extend worldwide your services

Master User Experience

API are designed to provide you the best flexibility and build the User Experience you want

MEF based API

In order to ease the connection, API are based on MEF standard and enhanced to increase flexibility

Consistent cross-canality

API are fully consistent with our web portal in order to deliver the exact same level of service on any digital channels

Subscription in 3 steps


Contract with our team

Prior to any subscription, a contract between you and Orange Wholesale International must be set up.

Please fill the contact form and get connected to your Account Manager


Subscribe to the API

Once you have been granted the access, you can subscribe to the API.

Log on and unlock the API with the subscription key delivered by Orange Wholesale International.


Start using the API

Integrate the API in your application. We will always be there to support you if needed.

More about Bandwidth Services

Orange provides worldwide coverage to key datacenters, Internet Exchange and Cloud providers, with best-in-class resiliency and flexible high speed capacity

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