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IDaaS 1.0

Take advantage of the ID as a Service API to set up your own identity management and benefit from single sign-on and social login capabilities without investing and managing infrastructures.

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Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

Identity Management as a Service

Customer Identity Management Platform makes it easy for you to acquire and recognize customers across all devices and to collect the customer profile data you need to support your business.

Single Sign On

Enable your logged-in customers to effortlessly navigate across your ecosystem of sites without having to log in again.

Improve the user experience on your network of sites by securely synchronizing the login state across domains.

Social Login

Let your visitors and customers easily register and log in with their social network and identities from Facebook, Google and Orange.

This method will significantly improve your registration rates and give you the opportunity to collect a large set of profile data.

User Management

Benefit from a registration solution that provides the features you need to acquire and authenticate your customers or employees on your site and mobile apps: sign-up forms, login workflows, password management flows, account creation flows, profile management pages.


Drive your business more accurately with the information our solution provides on customers usages on your apps or website.

Be informed of your SLA in real time.

Interested ? Please follow these steps

Fill in the contact form to set up a contract

Prior to any subscription, a contract between you and the Orange Identity team must be set up.

Please fin in the contact form (you will be requested to sign-in or sign-up a developer account first).

An Identity team member will contact you to present the offer details and if appropriate, set up the contract with you.

Try IDaaS with the Sandbox API

You can have access to the IDaas Sandbox API for testing purpose.
If you require it, we will send you a sandbox access request form via email.
Declare  your Application via your developer account and email back  the sandbox  access request document completed with your details.
The Identity team will guide you through this process if necessary.

Dedicated ID platform set-up

To set up your dedicated ID Platform environment, a document will be shared with you in order to set up your ID Platform parameters.

We will finalize your service configuration with you:

- creation of a dedicated container for your IDP

- exposition of your set of API in private mode for your own use

At this point, you can start using the IDaas API with your dedicated IDP.