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Messaging Pro Cameroon 1.0

Enables SoHos and SMEs to send bulk SMS messages.

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Reach your customers instantly with targeted and grouped SMS campaigns

What is Messaging Pro API ?

Messaging Pro API offers SoHos and SMEs a simple solution for sending anything from few hundred to thousands of SMS messages. Thanks to the service, you stay in contact with your target audience by sending messages instantly. 

From v1, the API enables you to send simple SMS messages.

The API is continously improved and will be progressively enriched with the following features:

  • Personalized SMS
  • Template SMS
  • Reports by SMS and by email 
  • Voice messages recorded by the sender
  • Voice messages translated from text to speech
  • Manage campaign lifecycle (start, pause, resume or cancel)

Why should you use Messaging Pro API ?

Secure authentication

Benefit from the power and protection of Orange authentication relying on OAuth 2.0 protocol

Easy to use

The API follows REST architecture and is thoroughly documented to facilitate this integration in your software

Competitive pricing

The API access is included in the Messaging Pro service with no surchage

How to get started ?


Sign your Messaging Pro contract

The use of the API is subject to a contract with Orange Cameroon.


Subscribe to the API

Click on “use this API” button to subscribe to the API. Add the API to an existing or a new application.


Retrieve your keys and use the API

Retrieve your API keys from the Developer portal and your Messaging Pro credentials from your mail.

You can start using the API, enjoy!

If you need support

Please contact: jean.essimi@orange.com