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Orange Business Applications France 2.2

Boost your SaaS revenue by joining Orange Business Services' partner program (France)

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Boost your SaaS revenue by joining Orange Business Services partner program

Why a new SaaS offering by Orange Business Services? Why are we reaching out to third party vendors?

To help its mobile customers enjoy the full benefits of digitalisation, Orange Business Services has created an innovative partner program, to distribute mobile business applications provided by third party software publishers, under a SaaS model. Professional users may now select among a growing catalogue of applications that will help them leverage the full power of their mobile devices using Orange's mobile infrastructures and services. Using these applications, with a direct and secure link to their IT systems and resources, our customers now make their business processes more efficient, as they spend an increasing amount of their work days out of the office.

Who will benefit?

Orange Business Services' new SaaS offering addresses the needs and requirements of small to medium sized businesses as well as corporate accounts with a mobile enabled work force. The number of such businesses upgrading from voice only to voice and data 3G and 4G mobile subscription plans is currently growing rapidly in France. Our aim is to give these users the tools they need to take full advantage of this transition. Using their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as day to day business tools, in relation with their company's IT infrastructure and business processes, they now have a unique opportunity to become increasingly efficient in their work and make the most of their time on the move. It is important to note that our SaaS offering is platform and network independent. We target mobile users on all devices, connected through 3G, 4G, Wifi, etc.

What type of SaaS applications and vendors are we taking onboard?

We are creating a catalogue of relevant applications for a growing number of professionals with specific business needs. Companies with teams of sales representatives, technical support staff, as well as visiting medical specialists or construction professionals will all find applications designed to address their needs. Included in these are tools to manage online forms, log and follow up on customer visits, remotely access IT resources, and even track staff in the field and detect accidents. Using SaaS applications provided through Orange Business Services' IT Platform, smartphones can even be used as NFC access control devices, with associated invoicing features.

How can you help?

Orange Business Services is actively growing its SaaS offering, with a target of offering a focused catalogue of individually selected applications for mobile devices by 2020. Our objective is not to provide an open platform aggregating the highest number of apps, but to present a selection of premium applications offering business users a true added value in their business line.
To implement this long term strategy, we are leveraging a network of SaaS software providers, with compelling business apps, from all over the world. We welcome all professional SaaS software vendors with a relevant product offering addressing our target of small and medium size businesses, as well as corporate accounts. Details on how to join our partner program are available here.

How will joining Orange Business Services? SaaS platform drive your business?

Orange Business Services is a global telecommunications operator and IT services company with offices in 220 countries. It is also the leading player in the French market. Joining our SaaS partner program will give you a privileged access to a very large customer base of SMEs and corporate accounts in the French market. Also, with only a limited number of these businesses having yet provided their work force with connected mobile devices, the potential for growth is remarkable.
Our SaaS offering is actively promoted through our network of 16 sales branches across all regions of the country, dedicated to our business customers (11 for SMEs and 5 for corporate accounts). By joining our SaaS partner program, you will benefit from a full team of Orange Business Services sales specialists promoting your products to our professional customers.

What is the profit model?

Users are invoiced by Orange Business Services on a monthly or pay per use basis. We manage revenue for our SaaS partners and compensate them on a monthly basis. There is no initial fee or cost to join the program. Selected SaaS vendors will only have to invest the man hours to interface their systems with the back office of our SaaS platform, using the supplied APIs.
Orange Business Services is fully in charge of billing, recovery and payout. As a SaaS partner, you are not impacted by potential payment delays from the end user customer.

What is expected from the SaaS vendors joining the program?

The SaaS partners we select are required to offer and maintain a robust software solution, with a regular upgrade path introducing new features and addressing customer requests. Partners are required to interface with Orange Business Services? SaaS platform using the supplied APIs, handle SaaS provisioning, provide training to Orange Business Services' sales and technical staff, as well as provide level 2 user support in both pre-sales and after sales.
Orange Business Services is in charge of the sales and marketing process and handles users and licences management, as well as level 1 user support and ticketing.

What is the recruitment process?

New SaaS partner applications are examined individually by Orange Business Services? specialist teams. We welcome both emerging SaaS providers as well as established software vendors. We look at product relevance as well as company background. Our specialists assess product quality as well as back office infrastructure. We also evaluate the partner's skill centre. The full recruitment cycle is a six month process, approximately, from initial contact to contracting, training and rollout.

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