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Orange Store Locator France 2.0

Find useful location and information about Orange stores, such as address, services provided and opening hours.

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Locate Orange stores in France and get store information

Search for Orange Stores

The Orange Store Locator API allows developers to get store information from Orange and Orange affiliates based on different search criteria:

- by city name: the API gives the list of stores located in this city,
- by postcode: store information within a given postcode,
- by keyword: multiple search criteria based on city name, store description, location, address,
- by circular area : all the stores located within a surrounding circle corresponding to the given coordinates (latitude and longitude).

Integrate quickly for free

Our API is free to use.

Access to details of more than 500 stores in France, including Orange and Orange partners' stores.

Details include: name of the shop, address, postcode, city, phone number, opening hours, latitude, longitude, as well as services provided such as delivery, technical help desk, photo space, etc.