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Teaming 1.0

Integrate Teaming, our telephony global solution including chat, calling, conferencing into your enterprise

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Teaming, a Unified Communications solution As A Service

Cloud Communications to empower your business conversations, collaborate and share

Teaming is a Cloud based Solution offering Telephony, Conferencing, Office automation and mail services all in one desktop and mobile apps.

Customers can choose one of the four Teaming packs: Call, Meet, Desk and Global.

Let's look the IP telephony solution : intensive use calls to IPphone and smartphone in metropolitan France and 40 other destinations in France, number included per user (portability available), a choice of IPphone and accessories adapted to your employees, ...

Teaming is available in France for all types of companies.

Our API's of telephony services to streamline your businesses process

Discover all the Teaming telephony API's, connect them to your business tools and applications in order to:

Increase your customer experience in telephony services :

Check the personal information of your customers
Subscribe / get notifications to events
Manage your calls directly from your web applications and tools with:
Click to call button
Answer/ decline calls
Put on hold/ unhold a call
Status of simultaneous calls
Check the information of active calls
Voice mail services

Telephony integration in business applications (CRM, Helpdesk, SAV...)

I am a salesman in an industry enterprise

I wish to start talking contextually right away with my prospects. So I need to view my customers' contact page as soon as he calls me.

I use the APIs Answer/ decline calls
I am a customer agent in a e-company

I need to manage my incoming and outgoing calls from my daily business interface and create an integrated phone system that offers more value.

I use the APIs Telephony management
I am an employee in a retail shop

I want to manage all outgoing calls with a single click.

I use the API Click to call



To support your operational development teams in integrating cloud telephony services with your business tools, we have put together handy technical documentation Getting started and API Reference.

How to subscribe to the Teaming APIs

All customers having a Teaming service contract can subscribe to the telephony services APIs.


You subscribe

Go to My Apps to create a new app or choose an existing one in the displayed list.

Please, click on Add an API and select Teaming in the dropdown list. In the consent screen, fill Redirect URL with any value (not used further). Once added, the API will be in Pending status.


We confirm your access

When you subscribe, we receive a notification. We will check with you to confirm your access. The API will go to Active status.


You get the acces to the API

You can use your app's credentials to retrieve an acces token. Once your token is retrieved, you will be able to use your API.

In short

Who is it for

Companies with a signed Orange Business Services Teaming offer


France and 40 destinations


Included within the Teaming offer


For any help, please contact us :