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Published: May 7, 2020

“For more than three years now, we’ve been in a partnership with Orange that is founded on trust and expertise.”
Frank Fischer, Adeunis® Deputy CEO
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What they do

Adeunis® specializes in marketing connected devices and wireless solutions to professionals in the areas of smart buildings and industrial processes optimisation.

What they do with us

Adeunis® products are integrated to the Live Objects platform and feature on the Orange Datavenue Market and IoT Marketplace. They are also featured in the Datavenue connected devices catalogue.

The results

Adeunis® creates more added value for its customers by adding reliable network service to its products, and support the deployment of the Orange LoRa® network.

Pairing devices and networks expertise to deploy the enterprise IoT

Adeunis® designs, manufactures and markets sensors and wireless solutions for the operational performance of professionals, in the areas of smart building and industrial processes optimization. Their IoT solutions are designed to guarantee the complete chain of information: from sensors to data transfers and our customers’ applications. Deputy CEO and Adeunis® brand manager Frank Fischer describes the nature of their company’s collaboration with Orange.

adeunis make your job easier in the connected world

The challenge

We have over 20 years of experience that enables us to place a targeted technological approach at our customers’ disposal which does not show any preference to proprietary technology, in order to support the deployment of their IoT solutions. Today, we offer a range of about fifteen sensors to optimize, on the one hand, the energy performance of a building and ensure the comfort of its occupants, and on the other hand the processes to increase industrial performance.

The results

These use cases require a highly reliable network to transmit data, which is why we partnered with Orange. Conversely, network operators require reliable tools to measure the strength and quality of on-site signal. Our Field Test Device is the market standard for this, and a valuable instrument for Orange in its deployment of the LoRa® network in France.

For more than three years now, we’ve been in a partnership with Orange that is founded on trust and expertise. Combining the reliability of the Orange network with Adeunis® products creates real added value for our customers. We also benefit from their commercial channels, notably the Orange Datavenue Market, IoT Marketplace, and the Datavenue connected devices catalogue for their B2B customers.

adeunis orange iot marketplace

Next steps

Our great relationship with the Orange team has already paved the way for equipping Orange pilot sites with our products. We are pursuing deployment on a larger scale, which will also involve a significant evolution in our commercial relations. Concerning our offer, we are launching new sensors dedicated to the smart building market: Motion (light/presence sensor) and Comfort (temperature/humidity sensor). At the moment, we are also focused on deploying our full range of certified sensors in North America (FCC/IC) and Oceania (RCM).