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Live Objects
Boost your IoT potential ! Live Objects manages your objects , collects, stores, secures and processes your IoT data.

Benefit from a global range of services

Connect all your devices

Collect data from your devices

Store & secure your data

Visualize your data & manage your device fleet

Easily access our services on the Live Objects Portal


Get your credentials

Go to the Live Objects portal

Click on the Sign-up button. Then fill the form.

You will receive your credentials by email.


Configure your service

Use our Live Objects portal and find all the tools you need to start developing your services with Live Objects API.

You'll also find the documentation you need in terms of sample code and how to access our support service.



Access Live Objects functions and take our model for a spin. Once it is fully functional, freeze its characteristics and deploy it.

Adjust data accessibility to suit your security needs via access codes.

Manage connected devices and turn raw data into actionable data


Protocol agnostic to focus on your business


- MQTT over Websockets


- Lora


- CoAP

Message Management

To optimize and simplify communication with your devices

Message collection, delivery, filtering and routing with:

- Real-time messaging

- FIFO messaging (message persistence until delivery)

- Event processing

- Mail notification

- Raw data/ message API

Device Management

To manage your devices

- Inventory

- Commands

- Monitoring & status

- Configuration

- Available trough API or portal UI

- Firmware download

Data Management

To manage your data

- Generic and configurable data model

- Time-stamped data storage

- Multi-criteria complex search requests

- Structured an advanced API

Live Objects benefits


Easy to add new devices

Easy data handling of relevant data for business applications



Hosted in the Orange Cloud

Interoperability with other applications, API and web portal


Several databases for redundancy

Access control

No data loss

Warranty and follow-up of the quality of service


Evolutive roadmap with new functionalities and new IOT protocol integration

Automatic scalability to your data volume

Imagine the ways you can benefit from Live Objects

In home automation

You are a service provider looking to develop an offer based on data from sensors inside houses.

You can develop innovative services by consolidating and using data such as temperature, humidity, volume level...

In the field of sport

You are a designer making equipment integrating biometric sensors.

You can create a performance monitoring service allowing personal trainers to finetune their training regimens.

In the field of healthcare

You produce humidity sensors and would like to market your product to retirement homes.

You can devise a humidity monitoring tool for seniors.