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Payment with Mobile

Boku and Orange partners for mobile payment

Published: September 29, 2022

How Orange Direct Carrier Billing API helps Boku expand its business worldwide?

Payment with Mobile

We’ve had the pleasure to interview Laurent Frainais (Boku IE CEO / COO) and Laurent Prevost (Orange Partnerships & Business Development Manager) to get their views on the mobile payment partnership via the Pay with Orange Bill API.

Alternative payment methods vs credit cards

Boku (BOKU-LON) is a global leading mobile payments company that allows businesses to collect payments from end-users through a range of local payment methods such as carrier billing, mobile wallets, and account to account payments (e.g. real time bank transfers). Our merchants comprise many of the world’s largest companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Sony, Netflix, Spotify and many more.

Boku’s mobile payment network helps merchants to reach end-users credit cards have difficulty monetising. Our payment solution provides merchants an easy way to accept hundreds of different local payments through one integration, one application, and one settlement.  Boku’s platform is built specifically for digital entertainment companies who rely heavily on a credit card on file for their payment experience. Going through the Boku API means these companies can place an alternative payment on file just like a credit on file.

“What we’re finding is that merchants and customers are looking forward to what we call alternative payments,” Laurent Frainais said. “Whether it’s via their mobile number or mobile app, merchants become aware that they will have to offer these new mobile first payment methods because credit cards alone will not reach everyone”.

Logo Boku

Boku is one of the leading independent direct carrier billing companies in the world

  • 5M monthly active users
  • 50+ markets processing transactions

Founded: 2008

Headquarters: London & San Francisco

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Laurent Frainais, how would you describe the partnership between Orange and Boku?

The partnership between Boku and Orange has existed since 2013. Boku works with Orange at group level, but also locally, with local affiliates. Thanks to this long collaboration, Orange and Boku are now able to implement and launch new services in just a couple of weeks.

Boku’s group revenues in 2021 grew up by 23% to USD 69.2M. The group-adjusted EBITDA is up by 31% to USD 20M and we are showing a net profit before tax of USD 4.4M. The yearly volume of transactions processed between Boku and Orange Group over 8 countries exceed 12 million, representing a turnover of + EUR 100M per annum.

What are the main benefits for Boku to work with Orange?

Boku benefits from:

  • Orange’s geographical footprint in several countries in Europe, and worldwide
  • Orange is a recognized leading Telecommunication group
  • The excellence of the Orange Direct Carrier Billing API. The technical interface possesses the full set of functionalities such as partial refunds, authentication, charging, service anti-fraud and payment guarantee
  • Orange API enables a seamless customer experience. End-users only need to specify a mobile phone number to complete payment transactions

Laurent Prevost, on the other side, what are the benefits for Orange?

Orange has signed an agreement to set up a strong partnership with Boku. With this accession Agreement, the connection through the Orange Group Billing platform  allows us to launch strategic merchants all over Orange affiliates in a very short time. The last launches we did with Boku were Apple in Belgium and Netflix in France (done within a month).

Security and anti-fraud action is key for Orange. So the fact that Boku holds several payment licenses gives Orange the confidence to work with a trusted partner to process payment transactions on our networks.

What is the future potential for partnership development?

Boku and Orange plan on expanding Direct Carrier Billing on Orange geographical footprint in Europe and Middle East and Africa. Also, we aim at developing new payment services on the Orange Money offer in Africa.


Laurent Frainais is the CEO / COO of Boku Ireland, a regulated Payment Institution supervised by the Central Bank of Ireland. For 20 years, he has built the next generation of payments where consumers can pay with their mobile device without the need of a credit card. Prior to that, Laurent was the Country Manager at Ericsson IPX France.

Laurent Prevost has over 25 years of experience on Mobile Payment and E-commerce in France inside Orange. He has developed Orange Operator Billing solutions on International strategic accounts and Aggregators of mobile payment solution. He has contributed to partnerships and strategic alliances with Key Accounts to develop mobile business in France / Europe and has launched the business in MEA Orange affiliates. The mobile payment solution is now Live in 17 countries.

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