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Orange Money Web Payment / M Payment
Enable your customer to pay for your products through Orange Money on your website or your mobile application.

Orange Money Web Payment / M Payment in Africa

E-commerce in Africa boosted by Mobile Money

E-commerce is growing significantly in Africa, thanks to local actors (Jumia, Abidjandeal.com…) and major international retailers.
However, this growth has been slowed down by the lack of available payment methods. Cash continues to be the preferred payment method, card penetration is still very low and Paypal doesn't offer cash out.

Apply for Orange Money​

Web Payment / M Payment now available to Orange Money merchants only

Orange Money enables major market players to accept online payments.

It was designed for Web merchants, but other types of services can also now benefit from the Web Payment / M Payment service (tax collection, donations, school fees,…).

You are a merchant, join a secure ecosystem

The Orange Money Web Payment / M Payment service is dedicated to merchants, whether they already possess an e-commerce website or not. These merchants just have to sign up for our solution in an Orange store in their country of business. They must be officially registered retailers (Orange Money merchants - fully KYA compliant)*.

As this is an extension of the Orange Money service, the same limitations apply as with any financial service. It must be approved by the relevant central bank, and is subject to strict regulations on security and fraud prevention.

Orange Money is part of a restricted ecosystem with limited API exposure to ensure compliance with these necessary rules.

*Please contact your local Orange operator to know more about the registration process and compliance rules.

Easy to integrate

Once a merchant has subscribed to Orange Money Web Payment / M Payment, the service directly integrates into its website using our APIs, which are easy to integrate with a few lines of code.

In countries where we offer Orange Money, we have one or two
integration partners to help merchants develop their website and
integrate the service as a mean of payment.

APIs can be tested by merchants or their integrators prior to going live with commercial services.

Access the offer in 3 steps

First of all, find the information you need on Orange Partner ( don't forget to read the FAQs ).
Don't forget to provide full documentation i.e. Trade and Personal Property Credit Register or other documents as per local legislation.


I am a Merchant, I subscribe to the Orange Money service and accept the Web Payment / M Payment offer conditions.



I integrate the API.



My customers can pay for their purchases via Orange Money.

Simple to use for your end users

End users (Orange Money customers) can access the service when paying online (via a desktop or mobile browser). They will need to generate a One Time Password (OTP) via the Orange Money USSD service on their mobile to validate their payment.

To make a payment:

  1. Customers must have an active Orange Money account.
  2. They choose ‘Orange Money’ as a payment means on the merchant’s website.
  3. They request a temporary password with their Orange Money secret code via the Orange Money USSD service on their mobile.
  4. They enter the temporary password that they have received on the payment screen.

Orange Money Web Payment service is available to merchants starting with Mali, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire,Senegal, Madagascar, Botswana, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, RD Congo and Central African Republique.

Once the API is available in Egypt, for example, we will email you. We will do the same for each new country that offers this service.