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Didit: obtaining international scalability thanks to standardized APIs

Published: March 28, 2024

Didit allows people to manage their sovereign and decentralized digital identity. With this application, individuals can manage their digital wallet and become part of a global economy thanks to the blockchain. In this case, the phone number is used as identifier for Didit account.

Didit application offers a frictionless user experience to streamline login (avoiding the use of cumbersome SMS-based one-time passwords and other F2A methods), while providing a robust security check against account hijacking or identity theft.

Orange and Didit partnered together under the Open Gateway Initiative to tackle this challenge head-on.

Didit integrated two APIs, Number Verification and SIM Swap, respecting the CAMARA standards, into its digital identity infrastructure. This groundbreaking approach sets a new standard for secure authentication with international scalability.

Using the number verification API, Didit managed to overcome the limitations of traditional SMS methods. Now, users no longer have to wait for One-Time password (OTP) methods to verify their identity. This innovation not only enhances user experience but also strengthens the security of your application.

Additionally, incorporating the SIM Swap API, effectively eliminates one of the most common issues in the digital world – unauthorized mobile card changes. This technology enables businesses to instantly detect any SIM change associated with a phone number, thereby enhancing application security and eliminating the risk of identity theft.

“This innovation guides us towards a future where connectivity and security merge together, opening the doors to a new digital era”, Alberto Rosas, Didit’s co-creator.

The collaboration between Didit, Orange, and other leading telcos paves the way for a future where connectivity and security seamlessly merge, ushering in a new digital era.

Join us on this journey as we revolutionize online authentication and create a safer, more efficient digital landscape.

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Didit develops digital identity technology for individuals and companies with the goal of humanizing the internet by eliminating the problems related to bots, impersonation and fraud.

Headquarters: Spain

Learn more : Didit : Humanizing the Internet

Used APIs


Number verification

Checks if the provided mobile phone number is the one used in the device

SIM Swap

SIM Swap

Checks if a SIM Swap has been done on the mobile line over a specified time lapse