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SIM Swap - CAMARA - Spain 1.0

Integrate real-time SIM card activation checks to enhance security and prevent fraud

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Obtain information on any recent SIM pairing change related to the User’s mobile account.

Spanish version

What it does?

The SIM Swap API performs real-time checks on the activation date of a SIM card on the mobile network. It reveals if an individual mobile line has been ported to another SIM card. The SIM Swap API is useful to prevent fraud by reducing the risk of account takeover fraud by strengthening SIM-based authentication processes such as SMS One-time passwords. Fraudsters use SIM swap techniques to intercept SMS messages and reset passwords or receive verification codes that allow them to access protected accounts. SIM Swap is part of CAMARA Project.

How it works?

The SIM Swap API is used by an application to get information about the last SIM swap date of a mobile line. It can be easily integrated and used through this secured API and allows Service Providers to get this information easily and securely. The API manages 2 resources answering 2 distinct questions:

  • When did the last SIM swap occur(*)?
  • Has a SIM swap occurred during the last n hours?

The diagram provides a high-level view of the API architecture.


Geographical availability

Sim Swap is available in Spain.


There is a payment for each transaction.

Commercial status

API is available in production


Why you should choose this API ?


Monitor account changes on CRM system

• Suspicious activity sequences and timelines 

• Patterns of upgrade resetting 

• Add-on activity 

• SIM replacement activity


Monitor customer complaints

• Upgrades performed without customer authorisation 

• Password/account change complaints 

• Payments/charges complaints


Monitor calls into customer service

• Off network calls into customer service 

• Calls into specific routes/teams 

• Monitoring interactive voice response selections and pathways

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