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Orange RCS BotHub 1.0

Orange solution for sending RCS messages using GSMA standard.

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BotHub GSMA interface is a standardized and documented API allowing a bot or a bot platform to connect to an aggregation point or an entry point.
This GSMA API is the Orange proposal to any partner wishing to connect to Orange business messaging infrastructure over RCS.
For more details, you can visit  GSMA FNW.11 specification

BotHub is also capable of providing API for bot triggering, accounting, and content management. Analytics is another function that is of importance since KPI management for any bot maker is key as it provides valuable information on how the bot is behaving. Since Google Analytics (GA) is the solution recommended by the group, BotHub implemented the measurement protocol in order to report info to GA.

Who it is for

Service is for:

- Aggregators which bear the commercial & technical brands relationships

- Orange internal Direct Marketing  teams

Geographical availability

Service is available:

- for Aggregators in the countries where Orange affilitiate has a commercial contrat with them.

- in the countries where Orange affilitiate has contracted RBM contract with Google.

Business Model

Traffic passing through Orange Network & BotHub RCS enabler is the billing base.

- Based on the CDRs Call Detail Record which allows for single messages & conversations accountability.

- Contact your Orange country marketing point of contact for more information

Support & supervision

The service is 24/7 monitored

Technical support:
SSPO service desk is 24/7 responsible for the support on RCS service, BotHub and Onboarding issues

To get support on this API, you can contact our support team here.

Commercial support:
- Contact your Orange country marketing point of contact for more information



Discover the functionalities in the overview guide :




Aggregator developer / Orange internal Direct Marketing teams ask on the OD portal for the subscription / access to Bot Hub GSMA API



Integrate the API in your service
Thanks to the API reference, and using your application key and the token you will be given.
Check the getting-started tab for more technical in-depth info

Your service is now up and running!