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Business Talk 1.0

A global voice solution to rationalize telephony services carrying any domestic and international calls

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A global voice solution to rationalize telephony services carrying any domestic and international calls.

Global voice calling

Business Talk is an enterprise fixed voice solution that offers, through one contract, to carry voice calls between corporate sites and off-net access to any destination around the world. Business Talk is available in more than 150 countries and territories to optimize telco costs and to replace multiple local providers.

Multiple access options

Business Talk helps you to transform your telephony into IP while preserving your existing investments (Legacy or IP Voice) or to connect your Unified Communications infrastructure to the outside world. For IP VPN customers, it is a cost-effective solution that leverages your data network to carry voice traffic.

Seamless corporate telephony

Business Talk works the same way around the world, so you deal with a single supplier while enjoying lower costs, consistent billing and reporting and gain better control over your telephony expenses.

UC Ready

Business Talk is based on the SIP protocol which supports the main Unified Communications vendors and provides global voice connectivity to UC users.

Digital Journey

Through MyServiceSpace, Orange Business provides a complete digital experience to its customers:

  • Towards its Business Talk self-care portal, our customers are able to place orders, configure and manage their voice sites and associated options in real time.
  • In addition to the self-care portal which already provides great autonomy and flexibility, our customers have the ability to connect with their environment through our own APIs’. This will give them a seamless ordering and provisioning journey.
  • The customer also has access to the further usage & site inventory dashboard, reporting fault & electronic invoicing capabilities.

What it does

Business Talk enables our customers to rationalize and centralize their telephony infrastructure.

Local Voice Services

With our Local Voice Services, they can even remove their local provider and choose Orange to manage their whole solution, bringing more simplicity and agility to their business.

Our redundant platform offers the possibility to manage business continuity. In case of incident or for capability planning reasons, Business Talk allows customers to route the traffic from one site to another, for more reliability and security.

Call Collection
We can also provide call collection services to manage contact centers or conferencing services from any location in the world in a cost-effective way.

With Business Talk, our customers can benefit from on-net audio conferencing in they also choose one of our Orange Audio and web conferencing solutions.

how it works

Our global network is used to carry the signaling between the Business Talk platforms. It provides convergence of voice, data and video through a single IP port in a fully meshed environment, allowing every customer site to connect to the other VPN sites over a robust, unified global network.

Business Talk provides the greatest number of voice access options in more countries than any other service provider.
On-net service is available in 150+ countries and international off-net calls are available from 80+ countries and the largest local voice services unplug.

Your benefits

Learn more

To learn more about the digitalization of our voice solutions, please visit the dedicated web page here.

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Business Talk API capabilities

Customers having access to Business Talk Digital portal have automatically access to API’s.

Those APIs allow to Consult, Create, Change and Cancel services & features available via the portal.

In addition, Business Talk Digital proposes as billable optional services, to download Call Detail Records related to voice traffic of your Voice VPN (see Get/ Call Indicator section). To request access to this feature, you need to contact your Sales Account team or Customer Service Manager.