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Evolution Platform – IaaS – Sandbox 1.5

Evolution Platform – IaaS – Sandbox

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Virtual Machine and Network Services API

The goal of  Evolution Platform - Iaas API is to manage virtual machines and their connectivity so partners can build services on Orange SDN POP and make them available to customers. This EvolutionPlatform - Iaas - Sandbox API is in a simulated environment not connected to any SDN POP.

Several top-level resources are defined in this API:

  • Virtual Network
  • Virtual Machine
  • Server Group
  • Security Group
  • Key Pair
  • Volume
  • Public IP Addresses

Each top-level TCS resource is contained into a project and has its own lifecycle.

The API also offers services to consult catalog of geographical zones, images and flavors.

Basic recipe to create and manage a virtual machine:
  1. Create a server group
  2. Create a virtual network
  3. Create a key pair
  4. Create one or several security groups that contain security rules (optional)
  5. Create one or several volumes (optional)
  6. Reserve one or several public IP addresses (optional)
  7. Create a virtual machine with its interfaces, its key pair, its security groups, its volume, and its public IPs
  8. Apply actions on the virtual machine or on its interfaces

Virtual Machine creation steps

All the below objects belong to the same project and the same zone, except for the Images and the Flavors


Manage jobs that process asynchronous requests on resources.

Example of using jobs with a virtual machine creation process. Create your virtual machine with the following request:

You get the following response:

To have information concerning the creation process, you can request the corresponding job with the hRef get (a)

Then you get the following answer:

The indicated state in(b)gives information concerning the process of creation:

- acknowledged: the request has been taken into account

- in-progress: the process is in progress

- completed: the process has been completed so you can request the virtual machine resource

- failed: the process has failed

See the swagger description to have more information concerning the jobs parameters.

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