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Number Verify (MSISDN Match) France
Verify your customer’s mobile number instantly and securely

Number Verify API is part of the Mobile ID product family, and is available for France.

Verify mobile numbers instantly

  • Number Verify API enables a Service Providers to verify instantly the phone number (MSISDN) of the mobile device being used to access their service where the mobile device is accessing the service provider over Orange mobile network.
  • By offering real-time confirmation the number says they're using is the one in the mobile they're actually using. Our API allows a large number of use cases :
  1. Verifying a user-provided MSISDN within an account registration flow
  2. Anti-fraud check
  3. Direct Mobile line authentication
  4. Password-less login by providing an identifier to a Service Provider without requiring user interaction
  5. And many more...

Number Verify Scope

  • Number Verify performs real time checks on the effective use of a declare individual mobile phone number (MSISDN) on the Orange Mobile Network
  • Orange compares the MSISDN associated with the mobile device against that provided by the Service Provider in the service request
  • Number Verify API return Service Provider a true or false answer to given declare MSISDN


For your Business

- Fast and secure mobile authentication via the mobile network

- Speeds up registration

- Works in mobile browser and apps

-  Verified data from yhe Orange mobile network (cannot be spoofed by device malware)

- Single open standard API (OIDC) from multiple operators worldwide

For your Customers

- Fast and secure mobile registration

-Works on any internet enabled mobile device

Open standards that simplify your integration work

This API is based on OpenID Connect, which combines end-user authentication with OAuth2 authorisation.  This API is compliant with the OpenID Connect core specification.

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Subscribe to the API

Once you have been granted the access, you can subscribe to the API.


Start using this API

Integrate the API in your application. We will always be there to support you if needed.

We will always be there to support you if needed.

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