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SIM Verify France
Protect your business against identity theft and fraud by cross-checking users’ sim.

SIM Verify API is part of the Mobile ID product family, and is available for France.

In our fast-moving connected world, mobile phones are used for communication, work, shopping, travel, banking, entertainment and much more…

But the increased use of mobile phones has also lead to an increase in SIM Swap fraud over the past couple of years.

Fraudsters are using Simswap techniques to intercept SMS messages and reset passwords or receive verification codes that allow them to access protected accounts.

SIM Verify reduces the risk of account takeover fraud by strengthening SIM based authentication processes such as SMS One-time passwords.

SIM Verify scope

SIM Verify performs real-time checks on the activation date of a SIM card on the mobile network. It reveals if an individual mobile phone number (MSISDN) has been ported to another SIM card.

Our API will return a true or false answer to given date which can be integrated into anti-fraud solutions.

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