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Pay with Orange Bill 1.0

Direct Carrier Billing allows simple purchases of digital services with the Orange mobile account

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Pay with Orange Bill is the Direct Carrier Billing API by Orange which:

  • Charges a digital content purchase or subscription to the Orange customer bill
  • Uses the customer Header Enrichment or an SMS/PIN code to identify/authenticate the customer
  • Can be easily integrated and used by a partner through a secured API
  • Allows end-users to buy digital content in an easy and secured way


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Main features

Manage End User subscription/unsubscription and one-time purchase

Direct Carrier Billing payment API for Orange customers

Orange End User authentication : WIFI/PIN code - 3G/4G/5G - Header Enrichment

Orange unified End User selfcare over USSD, SMS and web

Acquisition channels

Apps & Web

Digital content

My Orange Place

MEA Orange Store


Available in 7 coutries in Europe and 16 in Middle-East and Africa. Check out if your country is covered by our service.

In Europe : France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Luxembourg.

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North and Middle-East Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan.

Sub-Saharian Africa : Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo RD, Botswana, Madagascar, Sierre Leone, Central African Republica.

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Benefits to Merchants

Access Orange markets

The simplest way to bill an Orange customer

A single business contract and a single billing API whatever the country

Enhance customer billing options

One-off payments and subscriptions

Flexible pricing

Web/App, Mobile, SMS, USSD access

A simple customer experience

Simple, secure authentication options

Benefits to customers

An easy payment method

No need for a credit or debit card

One-click payment

Automated user recognition

Flexible usage

Available for prepaid and postpaid users

Accessible from all devices

Secure and trusted

Secure payments

Capped spending limits to prevent accidental overcharge

How it works

There are two ways a content provider can connect to the Orange Billing platforms : either through an Orange partner aggregator (preferred solution) or through a direct connection.

Working with the Pay with Orange Bill team means engaging with only one set of commercial and technical contacts at Orange.

The partnership is supported by one unique contract covering the whole Orange footprint.


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Looking for a simple on-line payment solution ? The answer is Pay with Orange Bill. Discover the story of Boku.

International merchants, like Boku, rely on Pay with Orange Bill API to power their worldwide payments.