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Sales orders 1.0

Add quickly and easily digital sales orders for Supply Chain processing with Orange Business Services

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Orange API Specific Terms for Sales orders API

Service Provider: Orange SA, with registered address located at 78, rue Olivier de Serres, 75015 Paris, France (VAT registered: FR 89 380 129 866) (“Orange”).

Version number: 1.0

Date: 03/06/2020


Note: The API Sales orders is referred to as “THE API” in the present Terms.


  1. Sales orders API DESCRIPTION

What is Sales orders API ?

A solution to integrate and automate business flows between upstream applications and OBS Fusion Application.

The API enables you to create a sales order into ERP.

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A pre-sales application is used by sales people to create quotations for customers.

Once deal is officially signed, all sales order data are collected by pre-sales downstream application and sent to OBS Fusion in order to create the sales orders in Oracle ERP.

Sales order is created and submitted like it would have been entered by any user with a manual sales order entry.



Please list the contractual documents that bind your customer to the API usage.


Example 1:

The Terms, as defined in section 1 of the Orange APIs General Terms, consist of (i) such Orange APIs General Terms and (ii) these Orange API Specific Terms for THE API. In case of any discrepancy between the Orange APIs General Terms and these Orange API Specific Terms for THE API, the latter shall prevail.

Example 2:

THE API is only available to existing Orange Business Services customers. Its use is subject to contract signature with Orange Business Services.

The Terms consist of (i) Orange APIs General Terms, (ii) Orange Business Master Services Agreement, (iii) Orange Business Services specific service contracts [contract names to be indicated here and updated according to cover the API terms of use]  and (iv) these Orange API Specific Terms.


  1. PRICE

Please describe the pricing model of THE API. If relevant, please describe the procedure of billing and payment (i.e. if THE API is charged and pricing described here)


Example 1:

THE API is provided by Orange for free. New pricing may be introduced by Orange at any time, in accordance with the provisions of section 7 of the Orange APIs General Terms.

Example 2:

THE API use is subject to a contract with Orange. Its use is included in the pricing specified in your contract with Orange.

Example 3:

THE API is provided by Orange as a freemium service based on numbers of calls. You agree to pay fees in accordance with the rates and process described below …




4.1. API Service Availability

Please describe your API service availability, the possible interruption of service (for maintenance…), please state whether or not the API is “as is / best effort” (no liability for downtime) or if guarantees of some kind are provided. Different API audiences will require different levels of guarantees. But a common pattern is to have standard access to an API clearly defined as “best effort” with no liability for downtime or unexpected changes (or even withdrawal of the service). And if required, offer higher cost versions of the API with set SLAs and guarantees.



THE API is available 24/7 outside scheduled works.

Orange will use its best efforts to provide THE API with high availability and response time for the API calls. Orange will grant no guarantee or warranty with respect to THE API.

Orange provides a Service Level Objective (SLO) of “99.95%” with no remedies, financial or otherwise associated with non-achievement of the SLO.


Orange may suspend THE API at any time for technical or operational reasons, e.g., to perform maintenance, to implement an upgrade, etc. Maintenance periods will be communicated to Customer in advance.


4.2. API consumer’s responsibilities

The developer is accountable for any actions done using the API with his API keys.



The developer is accountable for any actions done using the API with his API keys.

When Customer posts, modifies, submits or transmits information to or through THE API, Customer is fully and solely responsible for the changes that Orange makes to Customer’s Services in reliance on such information, and Orange will not be responsible for any misconfiguration related to such information.


4.3. Data Privacy

Make sure that you are compliant with GDPR rules. The Orange General Terms already covers many aspects in the following sections: 6.3 and 8.2 (related to user consent) and in the Annex A “Personal Data Protection”

In case, Orange General Terms does not fully cover your use case, please amend this section.



You represent and warrant that You have obtained full and prior express consent from Your end users in order to fairly and lawfully collect, process their personal data through your API Client. You undertake to make available to end users, who have agreed to send You their personal data,(i) any and all evidence to enable them to claim their rights and (ii) the terms of changing their consent for the collection and analysis by You of their personal data.

Orange will cease to provide You access to end user data content, when the end user chooses not to allow You any further access to their personal data.


4.3. Data misuse

Please indicate any specific clause related to misuse of the Data by the developer / end user.


THE API may allow bulk access to data, Terms should be clear whether caching is allowed or not. What can be done with the data can also be covered in this section, you may want to restrict usage of data to only the initial third party using the API and not permit passing this data on further to others.


Example 1:

In the case You use any related Data in an abusive manner or for any other purposes than those stated in these Specific Terms, Orange is entitled to immediately withdraw the right to access the Data and to terminate these Specific Terms.

Example 2:

Customer’s access to THE API is not transferable.  THE API is available, and Customer represents and warrants that all information and data made available through THE API will be, for Customer’s internal use and/or Business Customer’s internal use only.


4.4. Data liability

Please indicate any specific clause related to the liability of the Data  



While Orange makes every effort to ensure that the contents of THE API are accurate and up to date, Orange does not warrant that the Data is free from errors or omissions. Orange does not accept responsibility for any error or omission on THE API or information derived there from.


4.4. Usage limitations

Please indicate any conditions related to the number of requests or quotas of use (quota per client application consuming THE API).

Please include references to the existence of rate limits of fair use policies. Developers should be made aware of the rate limits that do exist so they can plan to use the API more efficiently and not invest effort only to be burned when their applications are successful.  Rate limits are can also be used to create the potential for pricing tiers for commercial APIs



The maximum number of calls to the API is limited to 2 requests per second, if your calls exceed this limit, Orange may suspend your access to the API until you bring the proof of implementing of a solution to respect this limit.




Please indicate the way you will manage the versioning and the withdrawal of your API if not aligned with the proposed conditions described below.

The data and functions of THE API may change over time. It is your responsibility to ensure that calls or requests you make to THE API are compatible with our then-current API. Although we try to avoid making changes to THE API that are not backwards compatible, if any such changes become necessary, we will use reasonable efforts to let you know thirty (30) days prior to implementing those changes.

Notwithstanding section 9 – TERM AND TERMINATION of the Orange APIs General Terms, Orange will inform You of the termination of THE API one-month in advance of the date of the termination, without prejudice of any claim for damages.