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SMS Madagascar
Engage with your users via SMS in Madagascar. Purchase SMS bundles with your Orange SIM card and get started in minutes.

SMS API Madagascar specific features

Included by default:

  • SMS MT: enables users to receive your messages
  • SMS Admin: provides SMS reporting (remaining credit, number of SMS etc.)
  • Real-time SMS DR: to get delivery receipt in your own back-end
  • Bundles from 100 to 12,000 SMS: starting at 25 Ar / message
  • Low SMS volume alert: receive SMS and/or Email Alert
  • Contract date Alerting (account expired): receive SMS and/or Email Alert
  • Long SMS: allows sending messages with more than 160 characters as a single long message
  • Payment method : Air-time

Upon request:

  • SMS MO: enables user to reply to your messages
  • Multiple Sender Names via WHITELIST for Free sender name customization: allows to have multiple sender names customized

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