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SMS Madagascar 2.0

Engage with your users via SMS in Madagascar. Purchase SMS bundles with your Orange SIM card and get started in minutes.

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namenumber of SMSprice (in Ar)validity periodpayment method
#0 Bundle10050007 daysAirtime & Orange Money
#1 Bundle4001500030 daysAirtime & Orange Money
#2 Bundle7002500030 daysAirtime & Orange Money
#3 Bundle1 5005000030 daysAirtime & Orange Money
#4 Bundle5 00015000045 daysAirtime & Orange Money

The number of Transaction per seconde is limited to 5.

If you have not consumed all your SMS during their validity period, you can extend their validity period by buying an extra bundle. All the remaining SMS will be put in the same bundle valid for the same time period as the new bundle.

For example

  • Day 1: you buy a starting bundle and send only 80 SMS in those 7 days.
  • Day 8th: you purchase 400 SMS, and so you will have 420 SMS until day 38. You only send 250 SMS during that period.
  • Day 38 you buy 700 SMS you now have 870 SMS until day 68.

Extra request for free

Our local commercial team is with you to help you about the features below. You just have to inform this webform
  • Larger volume: if you need to send higher volumes, or a more customized solution to bulk-send SMS
  • Multiple Sender Names: the SMS sender name customization option is available for free, just fill the form, specifying your application and volumes expected and you'll be contacted by our sales representative.