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SMS Cameroon (Orange Only)
Send SMS on Orange Network (on-net) only from your application and buy SMS bundles, with your own SIM card in Cameroon.

SMS API Cameroon Orange Only specific features

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Included by default

  • SMS MT: enables users to receive your messages to Orange Network Only
  • SMS Admin: provides SMS reporting (remaining credit, number of SMS etc.)
  • Bundles from 100 to 100,000 SMS: starting at 8 FCFA / message
  • Low SMS volume alert: receive SMS and/or Email Alert
  • Contract date Alerting (account expired): receive SMS and/or Email Alert
  • Long SMS: allows sending messages with more than 160 characters as a single long message
  • Payment method : Air-time and Orange Money

Upon request

  • SMS MO: enables user to reply to your messages
  • Real-time SMS DR: to get delivery receipt in your own back-end (simply request SMS-API server to white-list your back-end's IP)
  • Larger volumes: 500,000+ messages per month and Bank Transfert as the payment method of SMS bundles
  • Multiple Sender Names via WHITELIST for Free sender name customization: allows to have multiple sender names customized

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Partner with a reliable pan-African operator

By choosing our SMS API, you have the reassurance of dealing with a

pan-African operator established in 18 countries in the region, serving
120+ million customers.

With this API, your SMS activity is carried over the Orange network, which is widely acknowledged for its quality.

The API will be progressively available in a selection of countries where Orange operates.

Integrate the API in minutes

Our SMS API is easy to integrate into your digital service as it is based on industry standards.

You just need to:

  • login, register your app and select Add API 'SMS Cameroon'
  • Now choose the SMS bundle you need by clicking on Configure (you can come back and repeate this step when you're out of credit)
  • integrate your service with the API key you have been given
  • set rules according to your needs, for example to efficiently send notifications or validation codes

The service comes with a set of reporting APIs that will always tell you where you stand:

  • remaining credit
  • number of SMS consumed by your applications
  • history of your purchases

Use your local Orange SIM credit to buy your SMS bundle

Orange wants every developer to be able to use the SMS API. You don’t need to have a bank account or a credit card to buy our SMS bundles:

just use a local Orange SIM card, whether it is a voice offer or an Internet Everywhere /Business Everywhere one.

The bundles are deducted from your prepaid account, so top up to buy each new bundle.

Want to buy an Orange SIM card? Drop in to your closest reseller or visit an Orange Shop.

> We offered bundles of 100 to 100000 SMS at prices as low as 8 F CFA per message (On-net)

SMS sender name customization option is available for FREE, justt fill this form, specifying your application and volumes expected and you’ll be contacted by oursales representative.

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