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SMS Cameroon (Orange Only)
Send SMS on Orange Network (on-net) only from your application and buy SMS bundles, with your own SIM card in Cameroon.

Check out our attractive rates (on-net SMS)

We offered bundles of 100 to 5000 SMS at prices as low as 11 FCFA per message

tariffno.of SMSPricingvalidity
pay as you go bundle1001 100 FCFA30 Days
pay as you go bundle5005 500 FCFA30 Days
pay as you go bundle100011 000 FCFA30 Days
pay as you go bundle500055 000 FCFA45 Days

The sms purchased are limited to Orange customers. If you need to send higher volumes, or a more customized solution to bulk-send SMS, please contact our enterprise sales team in Cameroon.