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United Way - Product Inventory Management - Discover 1.0

United Way - Product Inventory Management

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What is it?

The United Way Product Catalog Management API TMF 637 consists of a simple set of operations that interact with inventory with inventory systems in a consistent manner. A product is created and modified consequently to a product order.

This API offer to retrieve a product or a collection of products depending on a filtrer criteria.

This is one of United Way's APIs.

What is TM Forum Open API ?
TM Forum’s suite of 50+ REST-based Open APIs has been collaboratively developed to be used in a range of scenarios. Internally, Operators are enable to transform their IT for more operational agility and customer centricity. Externally, they can deliver a seamless end-to-end management of complex digital services.
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Uses cases

#1. I want to get all information from a product

: definition, description, collects, offer, prices, billing date, etc.. As a a member of the Sales Team, I want a get all details on a product.

#2. I want to get a global view on my product parc. I want an inventory on all products I own. As a a member of the Sales Team, I want a get a global picture of my parc. Filters on a customer, the place where the connection is, as well as configuration characteristics.

Creation or suppression of Product is done consequently to a product order.

Any modificiation of a Product has to be done threw the Product Order API. For any details on the Product Order API, please, check all documentation here.

Who can use it?

Orange Wholesale customers that have suscribed to United Way e-service.

Technical prerequisite

No technical prerequisites.


This API is free.


Need some help?

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You can use your app’s credentials to retrieve an access token.

Integrate the API in your service thanks to the API key and the access token.

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After subscription, generate your client with toolkit generator as Open Api generator or Editor Swagger.

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