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Voice as a Service 1.7

Getting started with the Orange Programmable Voice API

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Build application to make yourself more available to customers

In a nutshell

Do you want to perform local or international calls instantly ?

With the Voice API, you can now use an immediate solution to call back or to push messages to any customer using your website, application or a USSD portal on any device, in any location and over any network.

You can also rely on our Text to speech embedded solution to play messages in English, Spanish, French or Wolof.

Broadcast audio messages to your users

Illiteracy remains an issue. Governments, NGOs and organizations have many issues sharing information with the public, and it is therefore difficult to inform people about important topics.

Mobile advertising is a growing business segment : many mobile users are looking for information on branded goods. Voice advertising gives you the greatest reach as your customers don’t need a smartphone or access to internet to hear your message.

With the Voice API, you can now broadcast audio messages on demand to any selected target through an incoming call on their mobile.

Thanks to the call tracking features, you can identify the exact audio messages that have been listened and by whom. Based on those reports, and depending on local regulation, you can improve your customer knowledge.

Provide enhanced instant customer service with IVR API

Many potential customers don’t complete an online purchase if they need assistance because they don’t want to pay expensive call costs to sales, helpdesks or customer service.

Now you can connect your customer directly to a single agent or a contact center, improving your conversion rate and your customer satisfaction thanks to Voice API.

You could customized an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to answer quickly to customer simple concerns. You could route customer complex problems, following IVR processing, to a single agent or a contact center.

The Orange Markup Language (OML) provides a simple, JSON based syntax, in order to build your IVR scenarios.


We cover local voice in France and Senegal, and offer a European coverage via OBS Business Talk solution (https://www.orange-business.com/en/products/business-talk)

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