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API Days Paris 2023

APi Days 2023
API Days Paris 2023

Key takeaways from Orange sessions

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APIs are a critical interface for connecting systems and data. Under the Open Gateway initiative, Orange opens the new generation of mobile networks and exposes advanced network functionalities for app-developers and companies.  Learn more about it from Orange speaker's keynotes at APIDays Paris 2023.

Key takeaways

You have missed the APIDays 2023? Here are the main takeaways of Orange participation at the event.

Check the video to know more on what happened during these 3 days:

API Days Paris 2023

Where :

CNIT, Paris
2 Place de la Défense, 92092 Puteaux

When :

December 6, 7 & 8, 2023

Learn more on the APIdays Paris website

Booth and conferences

With a prominent presence and team, the Orange booth attracted a large number of visitors throughout the event, and served as a meeting point for networking and exchange.

The APIDays 2023 conference program was diverse and extensive, with topics such as API security, AI and best practices in API development/management.

Orange contribution

Otilia Anton, Telcos APIs program Director at Orange, presented how the community can leverage with the CAMARA APIs through Orange Developer.

A large panel with speakers from Orange, Telefonica, Deutsche Telecom, Vonage, Microsoft and GSMA demonstrated how the global ecosystem joins its efforts to unlock the network for developers through the Open Gateway Initiative and standardization of APIs.

Bruno Salinier, Orange Business and Nicolas Muhadri, CEO StreamMind presented how the Live Identity APIs by Orange Business helped enrich StreamMind digital identity offer.

These presentations demonstrated how APIs can be leveraged to create customer value.