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Orange Open Gateway: the new era of digital services and mobile apps

Published: October 23, 2023

As part of network softwarisation, APIs (Application Programming Interface) are a standard way to exchange computer data. They allow increased agility and flexibility for customers and developers​. Network APIs are the major assets for digital transformation.

During the Mobile World Congress 2023, Orange, together with other majors telcos announced the Open Gateway initiative.

This initiative aims at simplifing the developers’ experience and facilitating the integration with the networks. Through GSMA Open Gateway, telcos are defining and promoting common standards for APIs designed to provide universal access to operator networks for developers and hyperscalers. 

“We are opening our networks with API to the ecosystem of developers”, – said Christel Heydemann, the Orange Group CEO during the Mobile World Congress 2023.

In fact, a wide range of new operator service APIs are already operational or will soon be made available on the market. These technical and operational APIs will support network capabilities as they enable to build new, real-time services with APIs.

Orange is part of the GSMA global initiative

GSMA Open Gateway APIs are defined, developed and published in CAMARA, the open source project for developers to access enhanced network capabilities, driven by the Linux Foundation in collaboration with the GSMA. Orange is part of this initiative, with 24 other major operators, to open new markets, offering new services and functionalities of the mobile operator domain.

“We at Orange are excited to showcase with our peers the first CAMARA live network APIs for new innovative enterprise or consumer services. Having open network APIs from different operators which are harmonized and accessible from one place removes friction for software developers and unleashes innovation and creativity for many use cases. “

Laurent Leboucher, Orange Group CTO and SVP Orange Innovation Networks

With Orange Open Gateway, code API calls once and leverage your code with any telco network part of the Initiative


Access real-time network data and analytics, which can help developers optimize their applications and services for better performance and user experience

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Integrate with Orange’s existing security and privacy controls, which can help ensure that applications and services are safe and secure for Orange’s customers


Get support for a wide range of use cases, including IoT, machine-to-machine communication, and more, and speed the development of applications and services

Ensure seamless customer experience and deploy services more quickly across the operator networks through a set of standardized network APIs ready to be used by developer community

Network APIs are defined inside the CAMARA opensource project. First set of APIs were launched on the occasion of MWC 2023. More APIs will be proposed and launched throughout 2023 and 2024.