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A global ecosystem for standard Telco APIs: unlocking the network for developers

Published: January 18, 2024

The 2023 API Days event gathered a powerful panel around the GSMA Open Gateway. This panel discussion was animated by Mehdi Medjoui, Founder and Chairman of apidays conferences.


Noel Wirzius, Product Owner / PM Network APIs – Deutsche Telekom

Otilia Anton, Telco APIs Program Director – Orange

David del Val, Global Director of Open Gateway – Telefonica

Ricardo Villarreal, Director of Product Management, Azure for Operators – Microsoft

Mark Cornall, Technical Director – GSMA

Stan Petit, Head of API Partners, EMEA – Vonage


In the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape, this panel discussion shed light on the transformative potential of standardized APIs in the telco industry. The panelists, comprising industry experts and innovators, emphasized the need for a unified approach to API development that can streamline access to network capabilities, fostering a more dynamic and inclusive ecosystem for developers worldwide. This industry move is reflected by the Open Gateway GSMA initiative and the CAMARA standardized APIs.

Key points of the discussion

The discussion highlighted that standardizing telco APIs is not just about simplifying the developer experience; it’s about unlocking the full potential of network services and capabilities. By establishing common standards, developers can more easily integrate advanced features such as messaging, voice, and video into their applications, without the complexities of dealing with disparate systems and protocols.

One of the key points raised was the role of standard APIs in driving innovation. With easier access to network functions, developers can create more sophisticated and feature-rich applications. This not only benefits the end-users with enhanced services but also opens up new revenue streams for network operators. The panelists agreed that collaboration between telcos, technology providers, and the developer community is crucial to achieving this goal.

Furthermore, the panel underscored the importance of security and privacy in the standard API ecosystem. As developers gain deeper access to network resources, ensuring the security of user data and maintaining trust becomes paramount. The experts called for robust security frameworks to be embedded within the API standards to address these concerns.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the panel discussion on “A Global Ecosystem for Standard Telco APIs” made a compelling case for the need to establish a global standard for telco APIs. Such a move promises to unlock the network for developers, spur innovation, and ultimately lead to a richer and more connected world. The consensus was clear: the time for a standardized API ecosystem is now, and it requires the collective effort of all stakeholders in the telecommunications industry.