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New anti-fraud services launched in Spain under the GSMA Open Gateway Initiative

Spain API launch

Orange SIM Swap and Number Verification APIs available in Spain

Orange, Telefonica, and Vodafone announced on February, 6 the launch of two new services in Spain (implemented via APIs) as part of the GSMA Open Gateway initiative. These services, Number Verification and SIM Swap already available in France, and now in Spain, aim to fight online fraud and protect the digital identities of mobile customers.

These services will provide intelligent layers of customer authentication, verification, and security within mobile phone networks. This will greatly enhance user authentication and improve security for businesses, such as financial institutions and online retailers.

The Number Verification service will simplify the verification of mobile numbers, enhancing the user experience and mitigating potential issues like users not receiving SMS messages. On the other hand, the SIM Swap service will help detect account takeover attacks by checking if a phone number has recently changed SIM cards.

These APIs, developed under CAMARA API Alliance, will be showcased at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona from 26-29 February.

The GSMA Open Gateway initiative aims to revolutionize the telecoms industry by providing a common and open framework for developers and cloud providers to build safer apps and services.

Orange is part of this initiative, and is committed to delivering on the promise of Open Gateway. Developers can engage with Orange in Spain and in France and use these APIs via the Orange Developer portal to explore new use cases and bring innovation to end-users.

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