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MWC 2024

Orange showcases Network APIs at MWC 2024

Published: March 8, 2024

MWC 2024

About the event

The Mobile World Congress 2024 is the unmissable event for all technology and innovation enthusiasts in the telecommunications field.

Thanks to the software transformation and automation of networks as well as data-driven and AI tools, the operators are now able to give application developers access to network capabilities, and thereby  empowering network aware applications.

Orange being part of this transformation, Open Gateway APIs are now live!

With these APIs, Orange ambition is to provide developers, enterprises and partners with powerful enablers for innovation, leveraging adaptable, on-demand, personalized connectivity and cover multiple geographies.

As of today, Orange has deployed Number Verification and SIM Swap, live both in France and Spain.

Additionally, Orange exposes beta versions of network APIs like Quality on Demand, Device Location Verification, Device Location Retrieval and Device Status.

Demonstrations on our booth

To illustrate these APIs, Orange has proposed several demos!

Geofencing demo demonstrates tracking a device entering or leaving a monitored area using CAMARA API. This demo showcases potential use cases like logistics and theft prevention.

Proximity demo shows how CAMARA API can determine if two mobile devices are in the same area. Two CAMARA APIs are used to retrieve locations and verify proximity. The demo confirms whether the devices are in the same area or not. It highlights the ease of use and potential for fraud detection in face-to-face payments, or all use-cases involving operator validated location check.

Enhanced security for peer2peer mobile payment demo focuses on using CAMARA APIs to create secure identity wallet and access payment application, using live APIs in Orange Spain: Number Verification and SIM Swap. It demonstrates the ease-of-use and monetization potential of using telco capabilities through CAMARA interfaces.

Key takeaways from MWC 2024

Bruno Zerbib, Orange Group CTIO about Network APIs at MWC 2024

“..now we’re telling the world of application development, you can control our network, you can have access to intelligent functionality, so have fun doing that, and we’re going to make it super easy for you guys to develop on top of our APIs. So essentially we’re becoming a platform, it’s really the evolution of telecommunication world as we know it, it’s like a connectivity play to becoming much more of an intelligent platforming play.”

Usman Javaid, Global Chief Products and Marketing Officer, Orange Business about Network APIs

“In my view 2024 is the pivotal year for Network API due to the unification of the entire mobile industry around a common set of standards, known as the Open Gateway Initiative. This development, which includes Orange presenting its APIs through hyperscaler and API ecosystem platforms, allowing developers to integrate network functionality into their applications, thereby fueling innovation for enterprises and consumers.”