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Device Location Retrieval - CAMARA Sandbox - Orange lab 0.1 Beta

Access reliable geographical position data to enhance location-based features in applications

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CAMARA Sandbox - Device Location Retrieval  - Orange lab API is part of CAMARA APIs by Orange.

This sandboxed version is limited to a short list of mobile devices (MSISDNs) that only work in our lab.

What it does?

The CAMARA Device Location Retrieval API allows to retrieve the mobile device's geographical area position (via a circle in Orange implementation). The retrieved area depends on the network conditions at the subscriber's location.

How it works?

The requester provides the mobile ID. The response provides a geographical area defined with longitude /
latitude number and an accuracy radius

Following figure provides a high-level view of the API architecture:

Available CAMARA Sandbox APIs in our lab

Device status

Queries the connectivity status of user equipment

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Location Verification

Verifies if the location of a user device is within the area specified by the provided coordinates (latitude and longitude)

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Sim Swap

Checks if a SIM Swap has been done on the mobile line over a specified lapse time

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Allows to manage subscriptions to get notifications, when a given device enters or leaves a monitored area.

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