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CAMARA Sandbox - Geofencing - Orange lab
The geofencing API offers a programmable interface that allows developers to subscribe and receive notifications when a specific device enters or exits a designated geographical area

Unlock the power of real-time location tracking with the Geofencing API!

CAMARA Sandbox - Geofencing - Orange lab API is part of CAMARA APIs by Orange.

This innovative API allows developers to create applications that can detect when mobile devices enter or leave predefined geographical areas, offering immediate notifications and enabling a wide range of location-based services.

*This sandboxed version is limited to a shortlist of mobile devices (MSISDNs) that only work in our lab.

Key benefits

Instant Alerts

Get notified instantly when devices cross geofenced boundaries

Custom Geofences

Easily define areas with customizable radius settings

Simulator Support

Test without physical movement using our network event simulator

Sandbox Testing

Experiment safely in a controlled lab environment with a select list of mobile devices

Use cases


Monitor assets or individuals within a secure area, alerting authorities if the geofence is breached

Fleet Management

Track vehicles, ensuring they are following prescribed routes and providing alerts if they deviate

Child or Pet Safety

Set up geofences around home or child's school to receive alerts if their child enters or leaves these areas

Drone Operations

Prevent drones from flying into restricted airspace or other no-fly zones

How it works?

The API consumer requests a subscription creation by providing monitored device identifier, a geographic area (defined by a circle determined by coordinates and radius) and also the URL where the notifications will be posted. While the subscription is active, the consumer will receive a notification (at the URL provided) when the device enters or leaves the area (depending on the event type).

The following figure provides a high-level view of the API architecture:

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Location Verification

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