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Improve your customer experience thanks to Orange Wholesale France APIs

Orange Wholesale France’s mission is to offer network solutions to all French and international operators and market Orange’s fixed and mobile infrastructures in France.

As a market leader with over 800 wholesale customers operators, Orange Wholesale France currently provides network infrastructure access to more than 1.2 million km of civil transmission arteries, broadband network access (copper and fiber), reaching nearly 40 million homes and businesses, including 13 million on third-party networks, mobile network access to all 2/3/4/5G mobile networks covering mainland France and French overseas territories as well as to more than 500 international roaming agreements worldwide. It also offers its customers the possibility to have their equipment hosted in more than 20,000 modern and secure premises.

Orange Wholesale France’s 1,200 experts are committed every day to provide best-in-class solutions on networks that are monitored 24/7 with a dedicated customer support.

Ambitious API program

Orange Wholesale France aims at improving the efficiency of wholesale customers operators thanks to its API program.
With this program, Orange Wholesale France builds a lasting and scalable technological base to offer a new architecture based on the TM Forum (TMF) framework.

TMF as an enabler of Orange Wholesale France APIs

TMF results from the urge by all the international operators and several publishers to standardize exchanges and to propose an international standard for APIs.

Most of Orange Wholesale France APIs are based on this TMF framework, which allows:

  • to expose Open APIs which facilitate plug & play (reduction of integration and transformation costs),
  • independently manage customers (party), offers (core commerce) and resources and services (production),
  • independently manage front ends (commitment) and processes,
  • to offer multi-service data sets (intelligence).

The use of Orange Wholesale France APIs requires prior subscription to the e-service concerned. E-services are provided free of charge with compatible offers.

Operator eligibility France

This service allows you to search and view the eligibility to access copper and fiber products based on a number of criteria:

  • reliable and quick response from the tool
  • single entry point for copper and fiber product eligibility searches
  • single search for a multi-product eligibility result
  • multi-criteria search: by DN, address, GPS coordinates, etc.

United Way

The United Way APIs provide standardized mechanisms to:

  • manage your parties
  • consult the Orange Wholesale France catalog
  • place a quote
  • place an order and ensuring the follow up
  • monitor your inventory.

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