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Connect the world with Orange Wholesale International APIs

Within the Orange Group, Orange Wholesale International provides international wholesale telecommunication solutions, including Roaming, Messaging, Voice, bandwidth, IP and security/anti-fraud global connectivity services. APIs are part of Orange Wholesale International’ strategy to deliver wholesale-as-a-platform.

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Orange Wholesale International providers of global connectivity solutions

Orange Wholesale International believes in digital transformation to help customers design their own expectations.

Orange Wholesale International provides high-bandwidth, low-latency, secure capacity for voice, mobile or data connectivity to content providers, telecom operators and pure wholesalers. To achieve this, Orange Wholesale International relies on 800+ roaming agreements, 450 points of presence, over 450,000km of cable network on land and under the seas, as well as satellite connectivity to help MNOs, MVNOs, ISPs, hyperscalers or OTT players connect their users. But digital transformation also leads to develop innovative solutions enabling customers to go the extra-mile – for example, by taking adavantage of an ambitious API program.

APIs - enablers for wholesale as a platform

Orange Wholesale International goal is to enable customers to use in-house assets as if they were part of their own resources.

This implies developing the tools and services to help them develop their own business and manage their daily needs seamlessly. In this respect, APIs are directed to customers as well as their partners, such as consultancies or integrators, and to the developer community at large. APIs are therefore designed to be smoothly and simply integrated into customer solutions or integrated by developers into future enablers.

In the longer term, APIs represent a key step towards building the telecommunications marketplace of the future: wholesale telecommunications as a platform.


Implement “on-demand links”, test point-to-point availability of any single eligible data transmission route, and provide all related information on cost, bandwidth and service options.

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