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Live Objects
Boost your IoT potential ! Live Objects manages your objects , collects, stores, secures and processes your IoT data.

All you need about IoT for your projects

Live Objects, solution for Data collection and Device Management

Live Objects is the Orange's IoT platform allowing you to set up easily your IoT projects and connect your devices to our networks simply and safely. Orange provides you with everything you need to connect and operate your IoT objects. Your data is available in the cloud of your choice in an end-to-end secure manner.

Discover the solution through a use case Live Objects Use Case

More on Live Objects Portal 

IoT Journey

For a global overview about IoT, IoT Journey helps you find the solutions to your needs among:

  • Connectivity,
  • Devices Catalogue (devices to integrate, starter kit to imagine and build, connectivity modules) and
  • Data collection and Device Management (Live Objects).

An ecosystem of partners serving your IoT projects is available at IoT journey and partners 

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Connectivity is the key for IoT - manage SIM cards, perform remote analysis,... Discover the diversity of solutions that Orange could provide you with, depending on your use cases.

Connectivity for IoT ​

Devices, modules and starter kits

A catalogue of IoT devices is proposed, from modules to products, through starter kits. Whatever the maturity of your project this catalogue is an entry point to find solutions with an ecosystem of partners. 

Devices Catalogue

Data and Device Management

Live Objects is the Orange's IoT platform for data collection and device management. It simplifies IoT infrastructure for companies and IT integrators. Compliant with diverse connectivity and protocols.

Device Management  

Related APIs

IoT Managed Global Connectivity

Manage your SIM cards effectively, carry out remote analysis and reduce costs.

IoT Managed Global Connectivity

Internet on the Move

Allow third parties to manage their IoT customers relationship.

Internet on the Move