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Home Verify France
API to get the Orange France customers last month bill

Home Verify API is part of the Mobile ID product family, and is available for France.

Improve online registration procedures

With our Home Verify API, secure and simplify the online registration or account creation process with a digital proof of residence from Orange.

We provide address verification for both Broadband and Mobile account.

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Increase conversion rates

Home Verify improves registration and application success rates.

It is hassle-free and easy to use for the end customer.

Re-inforce customer identification

Home Verify enhances the security of customer identification and reduces the risk of identify theft and account takeover.

It works across any internet enabled device even when roaming. You can have confidence in our data.

GDPR compliant

Customer data are managed in accordance with European laws on privacy management.

The end customer systematically approves the use of their personal information.


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