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Mobile Connect France - Limited
Experience sign in without login and passwords with Mobile Connect authentication - Limited API

Make authentication secure and convenient without usernames or passwords

Mobile Connect is a new authentication service based on the Open ID Connect Standard.

Integrate the Orange Mobile Connect API to offer a secure and convenient method to login to your service:

  • Users click on the Mobile Connect logo and enter their phone number
  • They receive a prompt on their mobile phone screen to confirm their identity—either by pressing “OK” (LoA2) or by entering a PIN code (LoA3).
  • Once the user is verified, they are logged in.

The API is free for up to 1,000 monthly. For larger volumes, please contact our team to discuss subscription.

Why you should use the Mobile Connect API

Simple, secure authentication

Offer your users simplified access and security: no need to keep track of new passwords and usernames, and the guarantee that their personal data is safe.

Free to try, easy to use

Access a complete set of tools, documentation and SDK to help you integrate the API.
Once your application is approved, enjoy 1,000 free monthly API calls.

Access a growing user base

Developed by mobile operators, Mobile Connect is being deployed worldwide
with support from the GSMA. Make it easier and safer to access your service as Orange and others deploy the service around the world .

Start using this API


Contact with the Mobile Connect Team

A contract between you and the Mobile Connect team must be set up. Please fill in the contact form to begin your subscription request (you will be required to create a developer account on developer.orange.com). We will contact you to present the offer details and if appropriate, to set up the contract. Once the contract is signed we will send you an invitation to subscribe the API.


Subscribe to the API

Choose Mobile Connect from the list of available APIs and accept terms and conditions.


Get approved

Our team will review your application and let you know when you can get started with the API (generally 3 to 5 business days.)

Try it now with our online demo

Use your Orange mobile phone number to test Mobile Connect in real-life conditions, combined with a limited version of the Form ID API : Follow the link

Find out more about this API

Need more information about the Mobile Connect API? Click on any of the topics below.

Use case video

Watch our use case to get an example of how to simplify users’ lives with this API.

The view from our experts

Get the scoop from our expert on how this API can boost your app or service.

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