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Ordering - Documentation 3.0

Track your requests and your orders with Orange Business

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Automate the ordering of your Orange Business products

Ordering API enables Orange Business French customers to send orders and monitor the status for Orange Business directly from their IT system. Once the order is raised through the API, it is either processed automatically or manually depending on the products.

  • for France customers: subscription to Espace Client Entreprise portal

​The Ordering API embed following features:

- Create new orders (creation, modification, termination).

- Monitor the status of your orders.

Subscription to "Commande fixe" or "Commande réseau" is required

You are interested ?

Please contact your contract manager who will liaise with the Orange Business account team.

You can also contact our Sales team directly using one of the Contact us buttons below.

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Get inspired

Automate generic orders

I want to raise generic orders to Orange Business from my Information System.

I use the Ordering API "Send new Request" function

Monitor orders status

I want a consolidated view of my orders in my own Information System.

I want to monitor the progress of order and be informed when the status changes or when an action is required from my organisation

I use the Ordering API " Get Request Details of an order" function

What sets us appart

Complete API catalogue

Full catalogue of self-service APIs is available to streamline your business processes.

The catalogue allows a 360° navigation and covers key functions available in customer portal: core information, incident and network.

Enforced security

Two options to reinforce the native security brought by the use of OAuth 2.0 protocol.

- Consume our APIs through your Corporate VPN without touching the public internet, via Galerie option

- TLS2 ways protocol

Experts support

Professional Services can be activated as per your needs:

- Project management

- Functional and technical support (integration study impact, data model and resources mapping, process impacts, authentication implementation, ...)

- Components development and integration on customer side

- Consultancy on API strategy

Integrate User to Machine

By default, our API comes with a machine to machine authentication.

We also support in standard User to machine authentication. One click to make them visible to you, just ask your Orange Business representative

Get started with Ordering API now



This API can only be used by existing Orange Business customers.


Contact us

o Liaise with your Orange Business account team through your contract manager, or

o Contact directly our Sales team using one of the below buttons.

Contactez nous

Contact us



After contracting with our Sales team, you will be granted access to the API environment

In short

Who is it for ?

Companies with an existing services contract with Orange Business




Included in Services charges and subject to "Commande fixe" or "Commande réseau" option for French customers


Our experts can help you to use and integrate our API.

In case of issues, please contact our HelpDesk

Need some help ?

During the build

Our experts can help you to use and integrate our API in your ITSM.

Please contact your Orange Business representative

During the run

24/7 outside scheduled works

99.95% Service Level Objective (SLO)

In case of issue, please contact your Orange Business helpdesk