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Sales orders
Add quickly and easily digital sales orders for Supply Chain processing with Orange Business Services

Automate sales orders creation into the OBS Fusion application, the Financial ERP from Orange Business Services

In a nutshell

  • Your pre sales teams have prepared, quoted & approved deals in your CRM or a Quotation tool
          They are ready now for sales order processing !

  • Instead of entering your sales orders manually with a large data entry, automatically transfer them to the OBS Fusion ERP based on the Oracle Fusion solution

  • OBS Fusion will process them, purchase what is required, receive and manage the stock on different warehouses, ship them once the staging is complete

  • Through this entry point you can initiate a supply-chain process for your goods, licenses, services or maintenance

Interested ? Use this API



Who it is for

Restricted to non Orange Developer working on partner applications used by Orange Business Services teams

Pre journey

A pre sales application is used by sales people to create quotations for customers

Once the deal is officially signed, all sales order data collected by the pre sales upstream application are ready for creation into OBS Fusion


Available in France and worldwide

Free to use


The API is available 24/7 outside scheduled works

Service Level Objective (SLO) of 99.95%

To get support on this API, please contact us at obsfusion.api@orange.com


Why you will love this API?

Enhanced user experience

Eliminate errors and interruptions 

Boost customer relationships

Save time & cost

Efficient and fast sales sales orders creation

One API call instead of a long manual entry

Benefits the Supply Chain

Once the sales order received by the sales administration team, everything is ready for processing in the supply chain until billing


You may recognize yourself...

I sell goods & services in a catalog

I am a Sales Administrator in an OBS entity selling a catalog of IOT solutions by subscription.

Deals are prepared and signed in my CRM. Everything is known : goods to be shipped, the related services, the billing plan .

Once the deal is submitted it automatically arrives in my to do list as a sales order. I check it and accept its processing.
The warehouse manager is informed that he must take the goods in stock, prepare them and ship them.

Once shipping is complete, the subscription is activated and billing can begin.

I use Sales Orders API

I do dropship retail

I am a Sales Administrator in an OBS entity.

My sales team concluded a specific retail deal for a customer.
Everything is clearly mentioned in the CRM : what I have to buy at what price, what I have to sell at what price...
The goods must be shipped directly from the vendor to the customer in drop shipping mode.

Once the deal is submitted it automatically arrives in my to do list as a sales order.
I check it and agree to its processing.

The purchase requisition is automatically issued and the goods are sent to the customer.

Once the shipping is done billing is automatically ran.

I use Sales Orders API

I have to supply goods in a Project

I am a Sales Administrator in an OBS entity.

Specific offers with services and goods are built for a customer as part of an overall project.

Everything is mentioned in my CRM : equipment, license, maintenance, then pushed as a sales order for processing.

Once the deal is submitted it automatically arrives in my to do list as a sales order.
I check it and agree to its processing.
Shipping are done through different methods mentioned in the Sales order : automatically if goods are available or from picking requests raised by the project manager.

Once the Shipping is complete, billing can be done depending on the milestone of the

I use Sales Orders API

Get started now



Get you up and run quickly with the API full documentation in the Get Started and API Reference tabs



o Click on  Use this API

o Choose an app or create a new one

o Choose "Add an API" and select "Sales Orders" in the drop down list

o Read carefully and accept the Terms & Conditions

o Once added, the API will be in "Pending" status

o Let us to check with you and confirm your access. The API will go to "Active" status



Integrate the API in your service
thanks to the API reference

Use the app's credentials to retrieve an access token

Use the token you will be given

Your service is now up and running!


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To improve your data integration, check your key data prior to the submission.

Later on, once your shipment has been done, you can also be informed and update your Installed Base accordingly.

Test Sales Orders

Projects & Contracts

Create new projects and contracts or check existing ones

Shipping notice

Query the Shipment done and check if your sales order has been processed

Items codes

Check your Items codes and create missing ones

Vendor Codes

Check your Vendor site code for your back-to-back activity

Customer referential

Check your Customer related data