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SMS Guinea Bissau 2.0

Engage with your users via SMS in Guinea Bissau. Purchase SMS bundles with your Orange SIM card and get started in minutes.

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  • How to order SMS bundles?

    Select your application in My Apps, the "configure" button next to SMS Guinea Bissau API subscription allows you to order new SMS bundles at anytime and to check how many remain in your previously purchased bundle.

  • What is the Validity token authentification?

    The token is valid 3600 seconds (1h). After this period, you'll get an error and should request another token.

  • What is the error "Not enought credit"

    You don't have credit anymore. You have to buy a SMS bundle on your My apps page

  • Customizing the sender name

    Please send a webform to our local team. For security reasons, we have to analyse your sender so the processing time is within 5 working days. Please do not use Sender Name/Names before you get email confirmation from local business team that Sender Name/Names are already whitelisted. The Sender Name is 11 alphanumeric characters max, no special characters (space is available), upper and lower case letters are distinguished.

  • Time to validate my sender name request

    For security reasons our local team analyze your sender for the correct configuration. The request should be processed before 5 working days. For questions about Sender Name customization please contact directly local business team via our webform (please select the type of query "Other").