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United Way APIs 1.0

Get a global view at the standardized Orange Wholesale APIs

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What is it?

The United Way APIs provide standardized mechanisms for:

  • managing your parties,
  • consulting Orange Wholesale catalog,
  • placing a quote,
  • placing an order and ensuring the follow up,
  • consulting your inventory.

United Way APIs are based on TM Forum's suite. These are REST-based Open APIs which have been collaboratively developed to be used in a range of scenarios, internally enabling service providers to transform their IT and operational agility and customer centricity, while externally delivering a practical approach to seamless end-to-end management complex digital services. Learn more here.

United Way APIs

A test environment is available. To use this environment, you need to subscribe to the discover version of the United Way APIs (links available below): 

This environment allows you to test your developments.

Note that

  • The orders will not go into production
  • The contact database is not shared with production, so you have to create contacts using the API Party management to make orders. 
  • The webservice eRDV is not needed on this environment. To post orders, you will have to send a generic appointment identifier. The format is described here
  • We recomend that you use 2 separate apps to subscribe: 1 for the discover API and 1 for the API of production
  • The identifiers of your collect will be different between the test environment and the production one

Uses cases

Below two possible use cases with those APIs (see the Getting started tab for more information about the implementation of this use cases):

#1 - I want to get a quote for a new configuration from a product offering

#2 - I want to make an order

Who can us it?

Orange Wholesale customers that have suscribed to United Way e-service.


These APIs are free of charge.


Need some help?

Please contact us.

Operator Eligibility France

Operator Eligibility France

Get started now



Read about the United Way APIs and get in touch with your preferred Orange Wholesale sales people to subscribe to the United Way e-service.

Choose and declare the person that will manage the credentials (API contact).



This API contact creates an account on
Orange Developer and declares the applications.

See step by step subscription process (in French).



Choose the API you want to use and click on "Use this API" to get the credentials for the related API.

Please notice that the API contact will be the only one authorised to click on "Use this API".