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Explore our APIs in Middle East and Africa

CPaaS Sandbox

Easily integrate communication services into your apps with Orange Communication Platform as a Service (Sandbox)

Data Share

A single API to create services that connect all your users' objects data. Expand your potential with the Data Share ecosystem.

Discover CDN SelectBeta

Check the availability of Orange CDN service

Discover IDaaS

Take advantage of the ID as a Service API to set up your own identity management and benefit from single sign-on and social login capabilities without investing and managing infrastructures.

Flexible Datasync

Boost the development of your real-time apps with an Orange backend that adapts to IoT, mobile, social and collaborative services.

Flexible Engine

Flexible Engine resources & OpenStack APIs allow you to build your app and platform. Scale up & down resources to maximize performance.

IoT Managed Global Connectivity

Manage your SIM cards effectively, carry out remote analysis and reduce costs.

Live Objects

Boost your IoT potential ! Live Objects manages your objects , collects, stores, secures and processes your IoT data.

Location Check

Mitigate fraud by cross-checking customer location and roaming information provided by Orange.

Orange Money Web Payment / M Payment

Enable your customer to pay for your products through Orange Money on your website or your mobile application.

Orange Trust Badge

Bring transparency and control to users’ personal data, and help them identify if your application has any sensitive features.

Pay with Orange Bill

Enabling simple purchases of digital services with the Orange mobile account

SMS Africa and Middle East

Engage with your users via SMS in the Orange Middle East & Africa footprint. Purchase SMS bundles with your Orange SIM card and get started in minutes.

#303# My Store

Create and distribute your USSD service on #303# My Store to reach all Orange customers in the Middle East & Africa, including feature phone users.

Latest news in Middle East And Africa

Last Data Africa

Derniers chiffres du mobile en Afrique francophone

Canal de communication incontournable pour communiquer, distribuer, et facturer ses services.
Plus des deux tiers de la population mondiale possède maintenant un téléphone portable, dont environ 60% un smartphone, avec un usage croissant des réseaux sociaux…


Personnalisez votre communication avec le marketing mobile

A l’ère du numérique, le marketing mobile permet un gain notoire de temps et d’argent pour développer votre business.
Basée sur les nouveaux comportements des clients, c’est une stratégie gagnante pour acquérir un avantage significatif par rapport à vos concurrents.

Webinar SMS

Webinar – SMS API for the Middle East & Africa

Find out how to integrate the Orange SMS Middle East & Africa API with this webinar: how to send SMS through your app and how to pay your SMS bundles from your SIM card.

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