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SMS Africa and Middle East
Engage with your users via SMS in the Orange Middle East & Africa footprint. Purchase SMS bundles with your Orange SIM card and get started in minutes.
  • How to order SMS bundles?

    Select your application in My apps, click the "configure" button next to the SMS API subscription. This allows you to order new SMS bundles at anytime and check the remaining SMS units and their expiring date.

  • What is the validity token authentification?
    The token is valid 3600 seconds (1h). After this period, you'll get an error and should request another token.
    You can find complete documentation on how to generate such token on this page 2-Legged OAuth2.0 proxy V3
  • What is the error "Not enought credit"?
    You can buy SMS bundles using your Orange SIM credit or with Orange Money, in coutries where this payment option is available.

    If you get "Not enough credit" error when you try to buy a bundle, you should just recharge your Orange account.

    If you used Orange Money, please note thet it might take up to one hour until the new purchased units will be credited to your account.

  • Customizing the sender name

    Please send a request via this webform to our local team.

    For legal and regulatory reasons, we have to analyse the list of sender names you asked for. This might take up to 5 working days.

    Please do not try to use those Sender Names until Orange local business team notifies you that sender names were whitelisted.

    Note: the Sender Name is 11 alphanumeric characters max, no special characters are allowed (space is available), upper and lower case letters are distinguished.