Orange trust badge
Bring transparency and control to users’ personal data, and help them identify if your application has any sensitive features.

Orange trust badge, or Badge de confiance

Bring transparency and control to users' personal data

With Orange trust badge, give your customers clear information on what personal data your application is using about them and why. Ensure they have the ability to easily enable or disable the collection of their personal data.

Help users to identify if your application has any sensitive features

Explain the age rating of your application and illustrate whether your app includes social networks, in app purchases or advertising.

An easy tool to highlight your privacy policy

Ensure your users understand the content and features of your app in line with your privacy policy. Use our icon library to support your messages without having to import or create your own.

Get started with our mobile and tablets SDKs

Open Source SDK are available:

• for iOS applications

• for Android applications

Read more about why Orange is committed towards personal data and privacy protection, and how to build a partnership around Orange trust badge.